Monday, January 26, 2009


To all readers "Happy Chinese New Year", today is the first day of the new year. Though there were lots of doubt on world economy, recession and war, I do hope all this will end and regain some stability.

Having said those, in the entertainment industry, lots of great stuff coming out on the silver screen and also on TV. Last December I saw "Ip Man" starring Hong Kong star Donnie Yen, the kung fu was awesome, it was done in a very fresh approach, which made the art of "Wing Chun" way cool. There is a rumour a sequel is in planning...let's hope it will live up to the previous. For those who missed "Ip Man", go watch it.

Over in Hollywood, tons of movies are releasing this 2009 such as Wolverine, Watchmen, Sherlock Holmes and many more blockbusters and great films. As for me, I was also given the responsibility to give fresh and exiting TV content. My works are in progress and hopefully they will explode in Malaysia.

I also managed to catch "Kinta 1881", the first martial art chinese film in Malaysia. I must say thought the storyline is weak, bu the fight scenes and the cinematography were quite impressive. Given it's the first effort, I do hope this will inspire more of this genre.

(movie posters courtesy from google)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello 2009

Already in 2009, what's next...Chinese New Year just around the corner. Time really flies when your occupied. The thing is there isn't much CNY films from Hong Kong releasing lately. We use to have Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow, Andy Lau and a whole bunch more coming up with great CNY blockbusters. But however, the past few years have been quite quiet. 

Is it because of the piracy plague which have somehow crippled the financial risk of releasing more films or the pool of Hong Kong stars are getting very limited and are struggling to find new talents to fill the gaps of the veterans. 

Well, let's hope in 2009 onwards we could see more positive support from government and the public to take responsible in reviving the film industry.