Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Time flies, we're in 2010 now and lots of great TV and Movies awaits us. As for TV, lets see if there will be any new wave format - as we're all quite tire of reality series. After "Fringe" season 1, I have been patiently waiting for season 2, and while waiting, I stumbled across "Warehouse 13". It's not too bad, but not as complex as "Fringe", but however does provide some interesting plots...secret agents retrieving ancient artifacts with powers.

Also there is another similar genre titled "Flash Forward" which I am itching to see as the plot sounds really interesting. While waiting for those titles, I turned to "Lie To Me", a series about detecting lying. A very human story, with amazing storytelling and detecting lying techniques.

As for the movies, "2012" seems a not-to-miss blockbuster, but I missed it, but planning on getting the Blu-ray. Ending 2009 on a high-note was not missing "Avatar", an amazing movie, get visuals and simple story. The 3D was truly amazing and best experience so far.

As for the Asian cinema, "Bodyguards & Assassins" wasn't a bad flick, as compared to the highly anticipating sequel "The Storm Warriors". There will be a few surprises coming soon in 2010, do watch for it.