Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I was introduced to Fringe TV Series late last year, and the story was quite intriguing, as my dear friend was trying to explain the complexity of the storyline. He did his best, caught me but also lost me - however I didn't forget that TV series.

Then finally I got my hands of the 1st season - it was nowhere how my friend described it. In fact, it was much more complicated but very engaging. It's sought of an extension of The X-Files, but much larger topics and more scientific.

Great plot, can't wait for season 2. If you haven't seen it! Don't miss it!

Source : Fringe TV Poster from Wikipedia


Seems like yesterday when the days of VHS, VCD, DVD, HD DVD - but it's all history now and here comes the new generation of audio-visual presentation. After witnessing the clarity, sharpness and color on Blu-Ray...awesome!

Still contemplating on whether to upgrade to Blu-Ray? But then would also need to upgrade my LCD as well, as it's needs to be on a full HD capability to enjoy the stunning Blu-Ray. Time to save up!!!