Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year

The year just passes so much quicker these days, and now it's 2008 and all chinese are celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) as I'm writing. CNY is always great, lots of food, cookies, drinks, gatherings, gambling and some firework display.

This CNY was a bit special as my 2 best pals came back to KL to celebrate CNY, Eric who is from Shanghai and Gene living in Melbourne, Aust. I knew all along that Eric will be back, in fact he's back every CNY, but for Gene he and his wife came back secretly without informing the gang. He just call us saying "I'm in KL, lets meet" through sms.

So, great CNY, hope it gets better and better every year ahead. Regarding "Detour", promises haven't been fulfilled...which is load it up for you all to watch. Still struggling on that process.

I will share some CNY moments over the next few postings. GONG XI FA CHAI!!!

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