Friday, August 22, 2008

Geez, where do I start...? My last post was in March 2008, and now we're in almost end August 2008. Time passes so fast and all you know it has been 6 months already. Well, been working most of the time, didn't really have much time for doing anything interesting of late. 

I did stayed home and catch up on the X-Files series (Season 1-4), before heading to the cinema for the release of X-Files : I Want To Believe. After watching through season #1 & #2, I then only realize how a big fan I was...because I could practically remember all those episodes. That was spooky. The new film however, didn't have any of the trademark from the series, except focusing heavily on Mulder & Scully's relationship. The rest was just backdrop, nothing important. It's a very personal film, which only the hardcore fans will understand.

Batman : The Dark Knight, was impressive, having so many characters and good actors in a comic hero movie...was done with class. No doubt Heath played well as the Joker, I personally feel Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman and Harvey 2 Face were outstanding. Batman's love interest this time around, however made me miss Katie Holmes.


Kenny Ng said...

Bro... Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright has died, no more PF reunion..... sigh!!!

RIP Rick!

Kelvin Khor said...

What a shame! God rest his rock soul.