Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 - back on track...

Another year has come...and we survived doomsday, or it's doomsday starting from now.... Guess mankind will never know. 2012 has been quite a rough ride, however I believe the ride will be smoothen from now on.

Great stuff in the movie world for 2012...with The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and The Hobbit - to name these few big hit. But the one movie I was waiting for...Prometheus. It's Ancient Alien in a movie form. There were of course some great surprises along the was...Ted, The Bullet Vanishes (HK), Premium Rush, Cabin in the name a few good surprises to me.

2012 also open me up to the Korean cinema...Wow! Really great stuff coming out from there. Great acting, good script and technically all good...way, way better than most Asian cinema. Here's a few (Actually some are old) I saw the Devil, Man from Nowhere, Nameless Gangster, Moss to name a few. Really good stuff from the Koreans.

As for my own film project, I have enlisted my friend Mr Kenny Chan to help me direct my upcoming horror project entitled "The Night Watchmen". More updates to come. Happy New Year!


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