Saturday, May 3, 2014


What can I say…? Been a real while not updating my FLOG nowadays. Interestingly enough, I have already shot 2 short movies back to back. One titled "Conversation with God", adapted from a material found on my FB which someone posted, basically talking to God, hence the title. The second is a part of a police-crime story which we took the one of the plot and shot it. It came out so impromptu, that i ended up acting in it! And I think I suck…. Didn't know why I agree to do it, but back then it sounded right. No sure ever releasing them both…will see how it goes.

Well, 2014 again promises more great films coming out, the Koreans ain't showing signs of slowing down…although HK films seems pretty lame of late. Still Hollywood is commanding most audiences, and with Marvel and DC now in full swing in their properties…seems so very interesting.

Am really looking forward to Godzilla and the new X-Men to be release soon. Keep them coming.

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