Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ghost Tale

I have been very curious with this topic for a longtime. We just cant help it, no matter the occasion is in the end it will always end up discussing it. So, my began to have more interest in it, as I dont really know whether is true or not...ghost exist! I think my 1st ever encounter with these paranormal stuff is when I was in form 2...14 yrs old. A few of my frens were who started we should embark into it, and so this "brilliant" idea were sold fast like hot a matter of minutes...every1 in my class agreed to participate in. A date was chosen...when we had downtime during the evening.

Every1 put in effort to ensure the "brilliant" idea will turn out smooth and without much problem. The game were gonna play is "Spirit of the coin". Well, to me at that time it sound like right, moreover I have seen it in the chinese ghost movie...and in reality it looked quite harmless...a chinese amulet on yellow paper and a coin. It required 4 players...and I was not the 4 who played at that 1st time we're playing. The 4our person will then place their middle finger to the coin and start some chinese prayer to invite the spirit up. They tried for about a few minutes...but nothing happened.

Then they rest a while, and they tried again...after a while...the coin moved! We were all amazed, and also speculating whether it was a hoax between the 4 of them. And so it moved...quite slowly, and 1 of the 4 started asking question...I think the 1st question was about the gender...and the coin moved to the chinese character "male". The 2nd person than asked how did he die...we were all in shock, coz the 4 was brief by my fren to avoid those questions...but it accident! The 3 person then ask, we are u now? He answered in our classroom, and the next question...which part are u standing in our to you...wah!!! we were all them creeped out, and every1 who was standing next to it, started moving was quite funny, but scary at the same time.

Then we all decided to end the session, and the 4 started to say some prayer and bought the coin back to the centre of the amulet. That was my 1st encounter. Later...I played...but will share it on the next post.

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