Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ghost Tale Pt.2

Still feeling the creeps after the "spirit of the coin" incident, we went back to our normal routine for another few weeks. Then someone suggest that we have another go at the coin game, and it when I volunteered myself to be in it. It didn't take too long to get the other 3. A day was chosen again to play, and we eagerly awaited.

The time has come and I am actually feel like pulling out, but I told myself to see through it. The table was set...the chairs were all in place, and the we got into our seats. As so it began, we placed our middle fingers into the centre where the coin is and started reciting the calling prayer we were taught earlier by Chow. The first call lasted a few minutes, but nothing happened. Then we took a short break and continued the calling...and after a while the coin moved. I was scare-shit, coz I didn't know what too expect or how to react. It was moving, the coin moved about and the 4 of us just kept silence watching it move. At 1 point, I looked up to my fren next to me and I said "sure u did not move this", he answered "no", then I slapped him and asked him again...this time he was about to tear and answered "No! I didn't move this...and I don't want to play anymore". It was then, I was so frighten and shivering a bit.

Then Chow told us to calm down and concentrate to send it back. So, we tried to concentrate and recite again to ask the spirit to go back. It then started moving faster, heartbeat pounded faster as well, feeling damn creepy. But trying to concentrate hard to call it back. Finally it when back to the centre, and the relieve in our face were like in joy...quickly lift our fingers and move away from the place.

From then one in my class played it anymore. Well, at least not in my class anymore. That experience will stay with me forever. So, anyone wanna play?

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cicakione said...

i know this might not be in tune with the spirit of the post but..

"The table was set...the chairs were all in place, and the we got into our seats. As so it began..."

We brought the tiles out and played mahjong!