Saturday, December 15, 2007

Interview with an Actor

Recently Ceekay (Detour's Actor) was invited as a guest in the fictional ‘Late Show with Julianne B’ where he talked about the spiritual calling which led to his venturing into Bhutan, Tibet and further down south to Timbuktu; his chance meeting with Adam King; the patterns of pigeon feeding; and being the first person to bring a goat up the KL Tower and come down with a bottle full of cow milk.

Among other farcically comical and obscene topics, at the end of the show Julianne asked about his recent foray into acting in independent movies.

Below is a partial transcript of the show (the part about acting in Detour):

****** ****** ******

Julianne: At least now we got the bull and garbage out of the way and hear your take on the matter.

Ceekay: Yeah, but then again, it’s all bull isn’t it? (Laughter)

(Pammy the Goat walks away from her chair)

Julianne: Where is she going now?

(Bruno the floor manager carries Pammy back to the chair)

Pammy: Baaa… Baaaa! (Audience laughter)

Ceekay: She doesn’t agree with me most of the time, anyway. I know she doesn’t do it here but she talks way too much, really.

Julianne: On a final and more serious note, if that is ever possible, what is this I hear about you acting in a horror movie?

Ceekay: Oh… Yes, yes. In fact, I did. That part is entirely true, I’m afraid. A friend of mine, the director of the movie… it’s called Detour, by the way. So, this director friend of mine was bonkers enough to ask me to act for him, to which I obliged wholeheartedly. It’s always hard to reject offers that are so obviously misguided, you know, and I thought to myself, only good can come of it anyway. Or at least a good laugh. It’s like asking Woody Allen to act in a horror movie. And halfway through the shoot, in the dark abandoned house, we actually amended my contract to include a clause that says the director has the option to remove me from the final edit if it doesn’t work. (Laughter) So yeah, talk about unappreciated talents.

Julianne: There was this other guy who acted alongside you.

Ceekay: Rama, yes! It really was me acting alongside him, rather than the opposite. If there ever was an undiscovered genuine talent, it would be Rama. And the fact that he looks naturally terrifying makes him the perfect cast in the movie.

Julianne: Give us a hint about the story, and also tell us about the shoot itself. Did anything ‘interesting’ happen? I mean, the house was haunted, right?

Ceekay: The house was so very haunted, with no less than six ghastly creatures. At least on that day, it was true. Two were white in appearance, and the others were black or black-ish. Or maybe it seemed that way due to a lack of lighting, I don’t know. But yeah, it was frightening enough, not only for us, but the neighbours too were so frightfully terrorized by the whole thing that they called the police. But the two men in blue didn’t venture any further into the house. They got as near as the front gate, shone their trusty torchlights around for a few minutes and went off. They didn’t see anything, so they left us. So yeah, that was that. The story itself, ummm, it’s really about these two friends who went into a haunted house and came out a different person. Literally. In that sense, at least in acting terms, it is a horror movie where the characters actually went through a shift in personality as the story progressed.

Julianne: That, in itself, is rather unusual for the genre. Isn’t it?

Ceekay: Yes, indeed. You are right. And it does give the impression that there’s more to it, umm, that a sequel might be in the pipeline. Or at least somewhere in the director’s dreadful brain.

Julianne: So, tell us, when will we get to see this movie? Detour.

Ceekay: I’ve already seen the first cut and, umm, I must say… I’m actually surprised by its sheer brilliance, what with the lack of equipments and all that. The camerawork, editing, sound and scoring was magical. Yesterday I was told by the director that a date has been set for its screening.

Julianne: When’s the date?

Ceekay: It has been confirmed and it’s gonna be on the…

(At this point the studio ran out of tape and the whole building experienced a total blackout)

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