Wednesday, October 17, 2007


"4" was a product of watching many horror films. From western horror to eastern horror, I have seen most of them, and I like it, I like being scare. Horror films are the most fun movies to watch, you actually feel it while watching, and even after that. The topic itself has puzzled mankind even till today, does ghost exist? Hmm...and that's why I decide to write "4". I find that the only reason we watch horror, it to get scared, so why not get scare 4 times more. Make the scare trip more meaningful, more worth the price, blah, blah... So the birth of "4", all collected from stories we hear from friends or friend's friend. In "4" all stories are simple and they dont try to find an answers or try to have an ending to the story, but just simple scary movie. So, after about 6 years, I have now shot the 1st part, titled "Detour". Coming next, the insight to "Detour". Stay tuned.

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