Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Detour - The Final Touches

Finally, "Detour" is done! Luckilly there was Ananth as the editor as he just makes the process so smoothly. He and Jayanth even went to the extend to find the film score for the whole movie. When I arrived at Ananth's place, I quickly ran up to his suite to look at the revised cut of the film. So far we did 3 cuts already, and the 3rd cut was the final. To my surprise, the whole music score and effect was almost as I have imagine. So, we got started and when through the visual again, to get the most accurate timing and then the music score and effects which took most of the time.

But it felt good, so satisfying to see it finished. We now have to go back to cut a trailer and add subtitling to the movie. Ceekay will be working on the subtitle, which it's his area of expertise. The whole visual look was treated to as we have poor lighting while shooting. Some parts didnt really stand out, but we did the best we could to the capability we currently have. Still, I am glad and the whole film was actually better than I have expected. Next update will be the trailer.

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