Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Passion for Film-Making

Having more than a decade in the TV/Broadcasting industry, I have now finally step into film making. Along the years I have wrote many stories or scripts of the movies which I may produce. I am strongly influence by martial arts, horror and mystery film genres. I have also done many research on my own time on film industry in Malaysia, which is sadly still at it's early stage. In restropect, to my opinion, our film industry died when P.Ramlee died (hope I didn't sound too tragic).

Since then we never really had any movie hits which we can proudly talk about. But many Malaysians will always have comment on P.Ramlee's movies. Regardless the race, many are really into his movies. Beautiful script, simple story and acting was the success of all P.Ramlee's movies.

The blend of the multi-racial was beautifully crafted into the storyline in almost all his productions. The realism of the way of "Malaysian Life" was really captured, as opposed to today's Malaysian movies...mostly a bit fake.

Anyway, back to me...my latest film-making venture is a horror feature, titled "Detour". It's the 1st of the four chapter of "4", which consist 4 ghost stories. This project started 6 years ago, and finally I get to make it. Will feed you all more on "4" on the coming updates.

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