Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Detour - The Cast

Due to the simplicity of the storyline, "Detour" phisically only have 2 actors. That's why this story is the most suitable for us to produce due to our limitation in resources. Like I mentioned, I wrote the characters in "Detour" based on my 2 friends, Rama and Ceekay. It didn't took me long to get them on-board to this project, as they themselves belong to this industry. I was a feeling a bit negative about Rama's willingness to act for me, and he did even doubling up as the cameraman. Ceekay too gave more than becoming just an actor, as he also contributed much to at the editing stage and eventually providing the subtitles to "Detour".

I knew all along they can act and have the chemistry to pull this off. That was all confirmed during rehearsal of the script. During the rehearsal, I was blown away with their chemistry, and their initiative to make the script more real. Though this is just a short film, more of a personal project...I when ahead and treated the whole process as a real production. Script revisions, location scouting, talent auditions, rehearsals....practically the whole works.

There was a point where I wasn't sure if Rama and Ceekay would agree to act for me, and so I did move with plan b, looking for the actors. Ananth was involve when the plan b was rolling. He also suggested me to take one of the roles...which I thought...that I would be the last choice. So, there you have the end I found my actors...actually my original actors for "Detour"...please to introduce Rama and Ceekay!

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cicak said...

Ceekay receiving the award for best actor 15 years from now... "I, umm, must thank kelvin for believing in me and giving me the chance... although we nearly got thrown in jail, but it's okay..."