Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Detour - The Beginning

Alrite...about "Detour"...It's a short story I wrote couple of years ago, based on 2 friends of mine when we were all working in the same place. The story here is simple and suppose to give a feel of what ghost movies should be, I meant under the context of ghost movie. I shelved this project away...until 2 months back, where I had a meet with my buddy Ananth and Sugu. Sugu a lawyer by profession, was already venturing into his, and even has an album...all done on his own time and expense. So, we met after a while and started catching up on each other...the "ghost" story time just slipped into our conversation, and got me thinking of my selved projects. Then Ananth said, "eh, comelah, let's do your ghost movie man!". Within seconds...I said "Yes! Let's do it". Ananth Kumar is an video/film editor, for a very esthablish post-production house in PJ. We share the same passion for films, music and this will mark our 1st collaboration.

That was it...the defining moment. Quickly, I went back to finish up the script and came up with the timeline for when we should shoot this. This time around, finishing the script was tougher because now I have to factor all locations, logistics into the plan. Bear in mind, this project has no budget...and I mean NO BUDGET. I sadly have to revised the original script to fit into the current situations. I have originally wrote about 6 to 7 short ghost stories at that period, but will only choose 4 for the final feature. "Detour" was not the choosen story to be in "4", but of all stories, it was the most suitable story to be shot at our current situation. Without budget, proper equipments, manpower and etc.

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